Professional and Organizational Training

In order for you organization to succeed in an ever changing landscape, your leadership team and everyone throughout the organization need to understand and value the socio-cultural aspects of globalization. We are here to help create inclusive organizations which allow every team member to contribute in a meaningful way. We offer standardized the training, listed below or can create a custom package to suit your needs. 

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

Grounded in an understanding of the key concepts related to racism, anti-Black racism, oppression, and DEI work more broadly, these sessions, facilitated by Dr. Chavannes allow participants to explore the biases they bring to bear on their work in institutions and organizations, as well as the ways in which systemic practices, measures and accountability can create solid equitable infrastructures.

The Future of Equitable Leadership

We cannot expect to talk about DEI the sam way and expect different results. Now is the time to humanize the concepts, connect them together, and distill the information down to the self. In these sessions participants are pushed to rethink equity and the power of empathetic courage through personal stories, research, self-reflection and an understanding of power and privilege. Participants will emerge inspired, empowered and with a renewed confidence in their innate ability to use past and present experiences to change systems and build a more just world.

Inequity in Equity: the shortcomings of traditional diversity, equity and inclusion

Investing in DEI is easy. The challenge is getting a return on your investment. Most organizations do not know where to start or where the real pain points exist to enable real returns. This presentation starts with the foundational elements, then demonstrates how most organizations continue to create inequity. Finally, the session helps participants understand what inequity is costing them and how they can build a better strategy to create equity.

MaximizingU Leadership

MaximizingU is an equity based leadership development app designed to promote asynchronous learning of key diversity, equity and inclusion concepts, as related to leadership. This personalized approach integrates research informed lessons, skills development activities and self-reflection exercises in each module of the 15-level program. The aim is to develop empathetic leaders who understand the value of diversity, engage in intentional conversations necessary to build inclusion, use their multiple intersecting identities to foster an unapologetic culture of equity and have enough self-awareness of their own biases to promote justice.